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Our usage of innovative quantitative and qualitative research methodologies

Our breadth of experience in developing complex research solutions

Our global network of analysts and consultants in 50+ countries

We specialize in an integrative approach in both syndicated and custom projects.


Online qualitative research offers multimedia usage, plus flexibility and convenience in:

  • Understanding consumer attitudes/perceptions
  • Measuring target audience awareness
  • Testing of logo/branding/product


Online bulletin board


extended time






Live online focus groups

Text or webcam-based, real-time



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Live online interviews

Flexible timeline







Online surveys equip companies with instant input regarding consumer behavior. Quantitative

surveys test hypotheses in an objective manner. Kairos Consumers leverages global partnerships

to capture quantitative consumer and B2B data (both online and by telephone) across a diverse

range of populations and industries. Applications include:

  • Consumer expenditure metrics
  • Willingness to purchase
  • Pricing evaluations





Case studies are a cost effective way of gathering market intelligence.

Prior to commissioning a large bespoke project, case studies are barometers.

Scope: audience communication, pricing, positioning, and distribution.


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